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Snowpro Data Engineer part 3 - Storage & Data protections

Snowpro Data Engineer part 3 - Storage & Data protections

Time travel:

  • Time travel up to 90 days, then Fail-Safe 7 days for permanent tables
  • Standard retention: 24 hours
  • Changing retention on schema changes it for all objects in that schema that do not have a retention period explicitly set
  • Dropping a schema does not honor the explicitly set retention period of child objects but overwrites it with the schema’s value

Parameters hierarchy: - Account session parameter overwritten by user session parameter (set by admin or user) overwritten by user - Account object parameter overwritten by warehouse parameter - Account object parameter overwritten by database object parameter overwritten by schema object parameter overwritten by table, pipe etc. object parameter

Parameter examples:

  • MAX_RECURSIONS limits number of iterations

Database replication:

  • Both accounts need to be business critical or higher
  • Not replicated: temporary tables, external tables, stages, temporary stages, pipes
  • Privileges are not replicated
  • Billing: data transfer (initial and subsequent), compute
  • Replication can be to different account in same organization


  • SYTEM$CLUSTERING_INFORMMATION for information live average depth for a table
  • SYTEM$CLUSTERING_DEPTH for average depth of table; always 1 or more
    • The smaller the depth, the better clustered the table is